Prague – What to do and see

Prague Castle – One of the best look out points in Prague is here at Prague Castle. You will have to climb quite a few stairs to get to the top, so be prepared for that. But it is so worth it! Once you get to the top there is a small Cathedral, a few restaurants, bars and shops. In addition, there is usually a small market open to sell you seasonal foods and traditional Prague souvenirs. Take your time up here, there is a lot to look at and the view is really something else. Walk around the Castle and enjoy the different angles and view points.

Old Town Square – If you are planning a trip to Prague, this is where I recommend you stay. There are so many interesting things to do and see in the square and it has such a rich history. We stayed at the Hilton Old Town Prague since I am a Hilton member. It was about a 5 minute walk to the square which made it convenient for waking up early for pictures or going out late to grab a bite to eat. There really is always something happening in the square, you can even take a free walking tour through Sandemans New Europe if you are interested in learning more about the history of Old Town Square and Prague. We love the free walking tours this company offers. We do them in every city we visit if they offer them. If you have never tried one before, this a great place to start!

Astronomical Clock – Located on the side of Old Town Hall in Old Town Square, this clock was originally built in 1410 and considered to be the oldest working clock still operating. That’s pretty cool! It also puts on a little show at the top of every hour. It’s nothing too amazing but it provides some entertainment and it is pretty fascinating that an antique clock can still draw people’s attention.

Old Town Hall – This is another great viewpoint location. While not as vast as Prague Castle, there is an elevator that takes you directly to the top of this tower so NO STAIRS necessary! For about $10, you can go to the top of this tower and look out over Old Town Square. The tower is not extremely tall but you can get a different view point of Prague here.

Charles Bridge – This iconic bridge crosses over the Vltava river in Prague. You can enter either from Old Town or Lesser Town but regardless of which end you begin to cross the bridge from, you are sure to be greeted with fantastic views of Prague. On the Old Town end, you get a fantastic view of Prague Castle with the brick rooftops surrounding it. On the Lesser Town end, you will be treated to fantastical arch ways and an equally as impressive view of Old Town. If you plan to take pictures on the bridge, make sure you wake up early (sunrise is best) as the bridge fills with small business owners selling various items and painting pictures making it quite crowded after 9am until about sunset.

Eat a trdelnik – These little pieces of dessert heaven can be found on just about every corner in Prague. But don’t buy from just anyone! Make sure you find a spot where they are cooking the dough fresh in the shop and the people selling to you are Prague citizens. There are a lot of knock off shops, check for these signs and try a few different flavors from a few different shops. The calories don’t count if you’re taste testing!

National Museum – This beauty is also known as the Narodni Muzeum. It is open from 10a-6p every day of the week. Although we ran out of time on our trip to go inside, the museum is filled with natural scientific and historical exhibits if you are interested in checking it out. If museums aren’t really your thing, at least stop by to check out the details on the outside of the building. It was built in 1818 and it really is a marvel to see!

Dancing House – Surprisingly, the Dancing House, or Fred and Ginger, is one of the newest buildings in Prague. It was built in 1996 but has gained a reputation for its futuristic architecture amongst an otherwise Baroque styled city. You can actually stay in the building since it has recently been made into a Luxury Hotel. Check it out here. If you have other accommodations, you can see the interior by dining at the Fred and ginger restaurant on the seventh floor or having a drink at the glass bar on the eighth floor. Here is the website to make a reservation.

John Lennon Wall – What you see in this picture is really all there is to this spot. It’s the only place in Prague that legally allows for anybody to draw, paint, or write on the wall. It’s a memoriam to John Lennon and is mostly filled with a large portrait of John Lennon, Beatles’ lyrics and other Beatle’s and Lennon styled art and graffiti. It’s a cool place to stop by when you are visiting the Lesser Town of Prague!

Take a River Cruise – Full disclosure, we were not planning on taking a river cruise when we were in Prague! However, we ended up buying tickets for the Hop on Hop off Bus (which I do not recommend in this city by the way!) and they included a “free” river cruise ticket with our purchase. So we thought, “what the heck?” And gave it a go. It was actually a really great experience! We took the sunset cruise and while we were boarding we found out they offered other cruises such as dinner sunset cruises. How cool is that! I’ve linked a river cruise guide here so you can see what they offer. They’re actually all really affordable and sound super fun!

Our cruise had a bar but it was very full, you wouldn’t know that from my pictures though right? While everyone was scrambling trying to find a seat, we hung out towards the back of the boat where they place a few extra chairs. I think they are for smokers and those who are disabled but there weren’t any on our cruise so we got to hang out down there were there were no people and the views were unobstructed. Long story short, if you’re going to Prague do the river cruise!

Eat at La Bottega Linka – Unfortunately the food in Prague didn’t speak to me like it does in most of the places we travel to, but this place was definitely worth a mention. Known mostly for its brunch, La Bottega has a variety of menu items to choose from but I highly recommend the asparagus soup. Even if you are traveling in the summer and it is 105 degrees outside, get the soup! It is so tasty and light, it’s just downright delicious! I also ordered their matcha tea which came with a side of honey and accompanying honey stick. My husband ordered a coffee and the sugar that came with it was a scrumptious butter consistency which tasted like sweet coffee goodness. Check out their instagram and see for yourself just how awesome this place is!

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