Milan – What to do and see in 2 days

Milan is an incredibly modern city with a wide variety of things to do and see. But with only a few days to spare, how can you see everything in Milan that you want to?

I’ve easily broken down how to spend two days in Milan, what you can see, where you can stay and how you can get around.

After reading this, I promise you will feel confident that you too can enjoy Milan even if you don’t have that much time to spend here. So, what can you do and see in 2 days in Milan?

Let’s get to it!

Day 1:

See the famous Milan Cathedral

This is one of the most famous and intricate churches in Europe. I mean, just look at those details! During the day the square in which the Cathedral is located will be swarming with people. But it is absolutely worth a visit!

We decided to wake up early and head out for sunrise pictures so we could capture this beauty in all of its glory. Needless to say, we were not disappointed!

Milan Cathedral - What to do and see in 2 days

I highly recommend going to the top of the Cathedral!

You can purchase tickets here ahead of time which will allow you to skip the line and you can even choose the elevator option so you won’t have to climb up all of the stairs!

Milan cathedral - what to do and see in 2 days

We went up around 4pm and the lighting was beautiful. It’s spacious and goes on for ever! There are so many different angles to see the city from and a variety of photo opportunities around every corner.

When you are finished with the rooftop, you will come down the stairs and the last step will drop you directly into the Cathedral.

You can choose to walk around and enjoy the inside of the church as well or simply exit and carry on with your day.

Milan cathedral - what to do and see in 2 days

Grab a snack at Luini

Classic Italian street food, this historic place will make you want to eat pizza every day!

Serving a variety of speciality pizza calzones, Luini has been around since 1888 and boy do they know what they are doing!

Literally the most delicious little pizza I’ve ever had, we ordered the classic Mozarella and spicy salami calzone and could not even handle how amazing it was!

Warning: They are quite messy! If you are eating these while on the go make sure you bring plenty of napkins and protect your clothes! Grease and cheese will come oozing out with every delicious bite but it is so worth it!!

People told me that there would be a wait but we strolled in around 4pm on a Friday and walked right to the counter with zero wait time. In the summer months I expect this place gets super busy with wait times up to an hour! Expect a wait and if there isn’t one when you get there – va bene!

Luini Milan - what to do and see in 2 days

Check out the shops at the Galleries

If you can afford Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc. this is your paradise!

If not, it is still such a beautiful place to walk around and window shop or even grab some lunch at one of the restaurants in the shops.

Many attractions in Milan are conveniently located near one another. This makes seeing multiple things in Milan within a short time frame attainable.

Milan Galleries - what to do and see in 2 days
Milan Galleries - what to do and see in 2 days
Milan Galleries - what to do and see in 2 days

Find the bull and have a twirl

Legend has it that if you place your right heel on the bulls private area (yes, it’s balls) and spin counterclockwise 3 times, it will bring you good luck!!

Of course we tried it and got stupidly dizzy but hey anything for some free luck am I right?!

The tiles are actually indented into the ground due to the pressure of so many people grinding their heel into one area over such a long time. Incredible right?!

Milan galleries - what to do and see in 2 days

Sip a drink at Il Bar – La Rinascente, Via Santa Radegonda, 1, 20121 Milano MI

Once you’ve tired out from shopping and need a place to relax, head up to Il Bar.

Il Bar is a rooftop restaurant/bar which specializes in mixology and offers stunning views of the cathedral.

They are in a convenient location away from the crowds but you still feel like you’re experiencing Milan.

Il Bar is open from 8:30a-12a every day.

Eat dinner at MU Dimsum – Via Aminto Caretto, 3, 20124 Milano MI

Milan food

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I went to Milan and ate Chinese food!

But it was so nice that Milan had this kind of variety because in Sicily, we do not have many options for international cuisine!

Their menu consists of so many different types of dumplings I was in dimsum heaven! These were definitely non-traditional dumplings but that was what made them so amazing.

The restaurant itself looks like an arboretum with trees and greenery all around. It was so elegant and beautiful – we even tried to go back the next day for lunch!

They get very busy! Make a reservation here to ensure you will have a table.

I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Milan!

Day 2:

Venture to a different side of Milan and

Have brunch at California Bakery – Piazza Sant’Eustorgio, 4, 20122 Milano MI

There are quite a few locations of this amazing brunch spot thoughout Milan but this one happened to be the closest to our hotel and we were so happy that it was!

We ordered the avocado toast eggs Benedict and the chicken salad bagel with a side of hashbrowns! A box of fresh bread, bagel chips and veggies with dipping spreads along with a carafe of water and orange juice accompanies every brunch dish as well.

So yum!

Milan food

Take a walk and check out all the architecture such as:

Arco della pace – Piazza Sempione, 20154 Milano MI

Milan arc

We ran into this beauty while walking back to our hotel after our delicious brunch.

The arc is located near many different shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. There is even a park which you can take a nice stroll through.

Overall, the arc is a great sight but the area in which it is located is worth checking out as well!

Bosco Verticale

Milan tree building

We admired this incredible building full of trees from a distance on the walk back to our hotel too.

You don’t need to be right in front of it to see it, it’s quite tall and it can be seen from pretty far away!

See The Last Supper Painting – Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie, 20123 Milano MI

This famous da Vinci painting is located inside of the Santa Maria delle Grazie church.

You must purchase your tickets ahead of time! The church is small and old, in order to preserve it they only allow 30 or so people in at one time every hour.

I recommend you purchase these tickets when you purchase your flight/hotel. This is one of the main attractions in Milan and tickets go fast! If you’re only in Milan for a few days and really want to see this while you are there, make sure you check ticket availability at least 2 months ahead of time.

Through this link you can purchase special guided tours, skip the line tickets, or simple entry tickets. Click here to reserve your tickets and learn more.

Grab a coffee at the Starbucks Reserve – Via Cordusio, 1, 20123 Milano MI

starbucks milan

Located near the Milan Cathedral, this is not your ordinary hometown Starbucks!

Prepare to be overwhelmed as you walk into a massive Starbucks that looks more like an Urban Outfitters than a coffee shop. They do not carry seasonal drinks but they do carry a wide variety of food, coffee from around the world, and alcoholic beverages.

There are a few different places you can order from in here so once you walk in, just ask one of the many people working there where you should go to order the drink or food you want. They are all very friendly and eager to tell you where you need to go!

If this type of coffee shop does not interest you, there are a few other regular Starbucks shops located throughout Milan.

Where we stayed:

We stayed at the Hilton Milan – Via Luigi Galvani, 12, 20124 Milano MI

As you may know by now, I am a Hilton Honors member so I try to stay in Hiltons whenever I travel.

This Hilton location was not particularly convenient to walking to and from the Cathedral but Milan has amazing transportation systems. Read about how we got around below.

The Hilton Milan was located in a nice and clean part of Milan and there were amazing restaurants within walking distance of our hotel.

Plus, the main central train and metro station was a 4 minute walk from our hotel!

If you want to check out the Hilton Milan’s location or book a room, click here.

Getting around:

Milan has an incredible train and underground metro system that we found very useful during our time here.

It took us 4 minutes to walk to the main train station from our hotel.

We used the train to get to and from the airport. We flew into MXP because it was cheaper when we booked our airline tickets.

LIN airport is closer to the city center of Milan but usually more expensive to fly into.

We booked our train tickets ahead of time using this website. This website was great because we could easily see when the trains were coming and when we should book. This took the stress out of buying train tickets at a station we had never been to before and potentially having to wait awhile for one to arrive.

We also too the train to Lake Como while we were in Milan! It only took 40 minutes and we booked the tickets through the same website.

To get to the Milan Cathedral from our hotel, we paid €2 each way to ride the metro to the city center (exit duomo). It took us 9 minutes on the metro to get to the duomo.

We found the metro system in Milan to be very easy to understand compared to other cities in Europe. Through using GoogleMaps and the provided maps in the metro station, we felt like pros after one day.

Uber is offered in Milan but it is outrageously expensive compared to other fares in Europe. There are also taxis however they are just as expensive.

I highly recommend using the train and metro while getting around in Milan!

If you have more days to spare, great! Milan is in a great location for taking day trips to surrounding Italian cities or you can take your time in Milan exploring, shopping and eating! With Milan’s modernism combined with its history and culture, there truly is something here for everyone to enjoy.

Hope you love Milan as much as we did!!


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    1. Thank you so much Virginia! Milan is so incredible!!

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