One Day in Lake Como – 5 Things you can’t miss

While visiting the amazing city of Milan, we decided to take a day trip into Lake Como – and you should too!

It’s only a 45 minute train ride from Milan Central station to Lake Como. And the ticket is a cheap €5 for one way. You can find a full list of times and ticket prices here.

So, what is there to do in Lake Como? And why should you visit? Here are 5 things you can’t miss if you only have one day to spend in the quaint and charming town of Como.

Train from Milan to Lake Como

1. Take a walk around the lake

Right when you exit the train station, head directly towards the water.

Don’t worry, it’ll be plainly obvious which direction that is. If it isn’t – just follow the crowds! It’s about a 5 minute walk to reach the main town of Como. Every step will take your breath away.

We stepped out of the train station into a picturesque fall day. The sun shone on every tree which had leaves the perfect shades of orange, red, and yellow.

One day in Lake Como - 5 things you can't miss

The streets that lead into the town look like something out of a fairytale. So much so, that when I saw a car come driving down one of them I had to snap out of it and remember where I was.

When you reach the water, turn right and go for a stroll. Take your time and enjoy the views as they change when you walk around the lake.

One day in Lake Como - 5 things you can't miss

2. Take the cable car to the top of Lake Como

During your walk, you will come upon the embarking point to ride the cable car, also known as the funicular, to the top of Lake Como.

For some stellar views, I recommend you do this! The car runs every 30 mins and you will have to stand in a line to purchase your ticket but it’s an amazing experience.

The price is €2.90 for the way up and €3.90 for the way down.

Winter Hours: M-F 6:40am-11am & 2-4:30p

Summer Hours: M-F 8:30a-12p & 2:30-6:30p

Lake Como food
Truffle meat board
Lake Como food
Club sandwich

3. Have lunch at Il Sorso

This restaurant is rated one of the best to have a bottle of wine in Lake Como. Accompanied with a meat and cheese plate, you can’t go wrong!

Their tables are set in the middle of the square so you can take in the views while sipping your wine.

Hours are: M, T, TH 12p-12a W 3-12a F, S, S 11a-12a

You can also make a reservation here.

Lake Como Duomo

4. Check out the piazza di duomo

The main square of Como is pretty small, but it has a large and beautiful gothic style cathedral in the center of it.

There are many restaurants and cafes that face the cathedral so you can admire it while relaxing at one of those places. Or, you can go inside the cathedral and check out the detailed interior.

There is an entrance fee but it’s only a few euro.

Hours for entrance are: Sunday 1pm-4:30pm, M-F 10:45-5:30pm and Saturday 10:45am-4:30pm.

One day in Lake Como - 5 things you can't miss

5. Take a ferry ride

Although we only spent one day in Como there truly is so much more to see around the lake. If time allows, I recommend you take the ferry from Como to other surrounding towns such as Bellagio, Varenna or Lenno.

To take the ferry to other locations, the cost is between €5 and €20 depending on the distance and time from Como.

You can book tickets or check out ferry times here.

One day in Lake Como - 5 things you can't miss

Lake Como is such a relaxing and chill town. It has very different vibes than the bustling city of Milan. Taking a day trip here or spending a few days around the lake after a hectic vacation could be just what the doctor ordered.

What do you think? Will you visit Lake Como?

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4 thoughts on “One Day in Lake Como – 5 Things you can’t miss

  1. That looks amazing. Yet another part of Italy I must explore. Thanks for all the tips. Sounds like you can have quite an economical day out if the budget is tight. Bye, Mel

    1. Definitely Mel!! Thanks for your comment!

  2. Yes I would like to visit Lake Como and that train looks great too.

    1. I hope you can visit one day! The train is so convenient!

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