Must Have Items to Fly Like a Pro

Plan to be in the sky anytime soon? I know you know the basics.

Chewing gum –  CHECK

Headphones and phone charger –  CHECK

A good read – CHECK

You know the drill. But I decided to dive a little deeper and find some must have items that just might make your next flight even more enjoyable.

Because who doesn’t want to make their lives easier?

must have - queasy pop
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Queasy Pops

Queasy Pops or Queasy Drops are a flavorful way to ease an ailing stomach that can be caused by turbulence or even just plain nerves of flying. Regardless of why you aren’t feeling so hot, bring along some Queasy Pops to ensure you have your most comfortable flight, sans nausea!

must have - foot hammock
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Foot Hammock

I purchased this foot hammock because I have super short legs that barely reach the floor on most airplanes. Also, I always load the compartment under the seat with all of my things so I never have much leg room. This leg hammock solves all of those problems!

It’s only $10 on Amazon and folds up super small so you can easily fit it into any carryon, or even your coat pocket. It hangs over the back of the tray table and you can adjust the length to whatever you desire.

Get yours here.

must have - neck pillow
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Neck pillow that actually supports on your head

I had just about given up on neck pillows. I could never find one comfortable enough to hold my head while it falls forward every time I start to doze.

This one was reasonably priced at $30 on Amazon and comes in over 10 different designs and colors. It stays wrapped around your neck to support your chin while sleeping. Such an amazing invention.

Get yours here.

Must have - Colgate wisps
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Colgate Wisps

I mean, who wants to arrive at their destination with bad breath? Wisps are convenient because they are disposable. Take one with you to the airplane or airport bathroom, brush your teeth and toss it. Ahhh fresh.

must have sanitizing wipes
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Sanitizing wipes

One word, germs! Having a Purell wipe on hand is one of the best ways to prevent illness while traveling. I like to wipe everything around me once I take my seat and then use another one to clean my hands.

These can be used throughout your plane ride to wipe up a spill or clean your hands again before eating that delicious airplane food.

You can never have too many sanitizing wipes!

must have - dry shampoo
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Living Proof Dry Shampoo

This is the best dry shampoo I have ever used! And many other people feel the same, just read the reviews! If you’re enduring a long plane ride it’s nice to have fresh hair when you reach your destination.

Here’s how you can do that! The travel size bottles are airline approved and you can find them at Sephora.

must have - melatonin
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If your goal is to sleep the entire flight, Melatonin is a natural way to help you do just that!

You can also use Melatonin to help you adjust to the new time zone once you arrive at your destination. Taking one of these supplement tablets before you go to bed will help your body regulate its sleep cycle.

I use this Hum brand but you can find Melatonin at any natural food store. They even have Melatonin gummies!

I hope this must have list helps you prepare for your next flight so you can fly like a pro! What are your must have’s for flights?

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7 thoughts on “Must Have Items to Fly Like a Pro

  1. Face mist of those small pump packs that spray water and a good hand cream. They are my must-carries! Have a great day. Mel

    1. Those are great items! Can always use a good hand cream! Thanks Mel!

  2. Merry Christmas from
    Brother’s Campfire!

  3. I love Living Proof Dry Shampoo!!! My go to even when I’m home.

    1. Same! I’ve tried so many different dry shampoos and non compare!

  4. I’ve never seen the foot hammock thing but that is genius! Great tips

    1. I love it! It helps with circulation on long flights too ☺️

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