How I Earn Money From My Travels – And You Can Too!

It’s no secret that everyone loves to travel.

But with today’s airline prices how can you also afford to stay in a nice or even somewhat decent hotel or resort once you finally reach your destination?

Four words – become a travel agent.

I’m sure right now you’re probably thinking, “I don’t have time for that!” But think about it like this – if you have time to plan your next trip, why not earn money for it?

I went ahead and listed and answered some common questions I get when I talk to people about this job. When your finished reading, maybe you too will want to earn money back from your own travels!

What kind of travel do I earn from?
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What kind of travel do I earn from?

As an agent, I earn commission from every travel sale I book.

That can be a flight for myself, a cruise for my grandparents, or even a rental car for my neighbor.

Of course I don’t only earn from myself, my friends and my family. I have clients as well. I established these clients through by friends and family and using my social media to post about all of the amazing travel deals we have access to as agents.

But yes, I earn from any cruise, flight, hotel, rental car, theater ticket, or activity I book!

How I Earn Money From My Travels
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Who pays me?

As an independent agent, I work independently but through a host agency.

This host agency provides the 300+ suppliers and vendors that I have access to. These suppliers include Royal Caribbean, Disney, Marriott, Hilton, Sandals, etc.

The host agency is where I book 90% of the travel sales, but I’m not limited to them.

Since I work independently I can also call up any hotel in the world and ask them if they provide a commissionable rate to travel agents. If they say yes, I will earn commission from that hotel if I book with them.

However, at the end of the day it is my host agency who gives me my commissions paycheck.

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How exactly do you earn the money back?

I earn a paycheck through commissions.

Each supplier that works with the host agency has a commissionable rate. These range from 5-20% per booking. That percentage is my paycheck amount.

For example, cruises pay the highest commission. Recently, I booked a cruise for 6 people and my commission check was $989.

That takes me two weeks to earn at my other job!

How I Earn Money From My Travels
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What specifically do I do?

Well, I book travel!

This travel can be for myself or anyone else. Regardless, both are income producing.

If a client asks me to look into flights to Barcelona, I can use my back office to compare prices and find them the best days to take their trip.

If a client is looking to take a cruise but they don’t know what cruise line to choose, I can input their desired destination into my cruise search engine and show them all of the available options.

When I’m waiting to hear back from clients, I educate myself.

Since the host agency works with over 300 suppliers, I do my best to understand the ins and outs of working with these suppliers and what benefits my clients would receive if they chose one over the other.

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How do you book travel?

When becoming a travel agent through the host agency, they set you up with your own travel website – for free.

Here’s mine.

This is where I go when I want to search for any cruises, flights, hotels or activities for myself or someone else.

This is where I have access to all of our suppliers as well as any ‘hot deals’ that may be active for myself or my clients.

Another great thing about your travel website, if someone you know uses your travel website to book their holiday – you will still earn the commission! Even if you did not personally assist them with the sale.

finding the time to plan travel
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How do you find the time?

This is not my only job.

I also work as a teacher. But I have such a strong passion for travel and making sure that everyone I know has the best possible experience during their travel, I decided to start my own travel business in addition to my teaching job.

A typical day for me involves waking up, responding to clients, working out, working my teaching job, and researching or pulling quotes for clients.

I spend my time wisely and maybe instead of waking up at 7am, I wake up at 6am. Or instead of spending an hour watching Netflix before bed, I research travel deals.

If something is important to you, you find the time and you make it work!

How you can get started
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How can you get started?

Believe it or not, anyone located in the US or UK can be an independent travel agent and earn from their own travels as well as others!

If you are interested in planning travel or if you travel frequently and are interested in earning back from those travels, comment below!

In addition, if you are someone who hates planning travel and are looking for someone to help you plan your next holiday, comment below!

In the travel world, there really is something for everyone.

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15 thoughts on “How I Earn Money From My Travels – And You Can Too!

  1. I’m interested. Can you send me any helpful information?

  2. …also, are there any risks? Like any penalties if you don’t make enough bookings?

    1. Such a great question! No penalties, no monthly or yearly sales goals or quotas! That’s the beauty of being independent 😍

  3. I love your resourcefulness. Do you earn anything for booking clients who are redeeming reward miles through their credit card? Our airfare is covered, but we still have to pick our flights.

    1. Thank you! If it’s an international flight, yes! Domestic, not so much.

  4. Do you earn anything when clients redeem reward miles through their credit card?

    1. Yes! Standard commission from the supplier.

      1. I know you have details to share once someone wants to sign on, but do we have to pay or invest $ to do so?

      2. There is a one time fee (less than $200) as well as a small monthly fee. If you’re interested in what these fees cover I would be more than happy to share that with you! Feel free to email me anytime: ♥️

  5. Such an informative post ! Do you have to be US/UK citizens or be in a work permit visa? Or just being located in US/ UK is sufficient? Thanks for the detailed post!

    1. Just being located there is fine but you do need a residency number such as a social security number! We also operate in other countries though! You can send me an email and we can chat more about it if you want: 🤍

  6. Very interesting and informative. Maybe in a few years, I’ll give it a shot

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