How to Visit Bratislava, Slovakia in 1 Day

Bratislava views

While visiting Vienna, we took a day trip to the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava.

It is one of the easiest day trips to take from Vienna. The train ride is only 1 hour long and they run constantly every 30 minutes there and back.

We heard it was required to bring a passport, since we were leaving one country and entering another. So we brought them, but no one every checked.

If you plan on doing a day trip to another country, bring your passport just incase!

So what is there to do in Bratislava on a cold December day? Read on!

Old Town

Bratislava’s Old Town is so charming and unique, it was truly unlike any town I had seen before!

All of the buildings had a remarkable style to them that was so fun to look at. Even just walking from the train station to get to Old Town was a fun experience!

Bratislava old town

Michael’s Gate

Walking through Michael’s gate will take you directly into Old Town Bratislava.

It is a clock tower and medieval lookout point that was built in the 1300s. Today it is considered one of the oldest town buildings.

Bratislava Michael's Gate

Saint Martin’s Cathedral

Built in the 1400s, St. Martin’s Cathedral is considered the biggest and oldest church in Bratislava.

They had a history of the church in Bratislava set up in front of the cathedral at the time we were there. I’m not sure if this is up year round, but it was interesting to learn the history of the cathedral and its importance in Bratislava while standing right in front of it!

Bratislava St. Martin's

The Sewer Man

This intriguing statue can be found as you head through Old Town. He is quite literally coming out of a sewer so you might walk right past him like we did!

Just look for the crowd of people taking pictures of something on the ground, you’ll see him!

This guy’s name is Cumil and his statue was put in Old Town Bratislava in 1997 to spice up the otherwise Communist architecture of the city at the time.

The people of Bratislava think the statue has many different meanings, pay it a visit and maybe you can interpret a meaning of your own!

Bratislava sewer man

Explore the Christmas Markets

Bratislava, like most of Europe, loves to decorate for Christmas! There were two main Christmas Markets that we came across during our day spent in Bratislava.

Bratislava Christmas

Hlavné námestie (Main Square)

The Main Square of Bratislava is located in Old Town and is considered to be the center of the city.

We found it easily after we came through Michale’s Gate. During November and December, this is where the main Christmas Market is located!

Bratislava food
Jam on cheese

Here you can try traditional Slovakian foods or buy some authentic souvenirs to bring back home with you.

Or, you can buy some warm wine and simply take in the sights.

Bratislava main square

Františkánske námestie (Franciscan Square)

Another smaller market is located here. This market was more food and drink focused than the Main Square market and much less busy.

If you’re looking for a place to sit, eat, and drink while still enjoying the Christmas feel, this is the spot!

There was also a performance stage set up at this Market as well as an ice skating rink!

Bratislava food
Fried potatoes

Bratislava Castle

Like most castles, the Bratislava castle is set high upon a hill. The climb is not super steep to get to the entrance, but probably a good 10 minute walk from beginning to end.

Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Even if you don’t enter into the castle, the views are breathtaking and the architecture around the castle is fascinating.

Bratislava castle gates

Bratislava is located between in Austria and Hungary. This makes it the only capital that borders two countries!

On a clear day, you can actually see both Austria and Hungary from the Bratislava Castle!

Bratislava in 1 day

If you do wish to enter the castle, the entry fee is 10 € for adults and 4 € for students and seniors.

The castle is open every day except Monday from 9a-5p with the last entry at 4pm.

If you’re traveling in the summer time, I recommend you purchase tickets ahead of time! You can do so here.

Bratislava castle in 1 day

Most SNP (Bridge)

This famous Bratislava bridge can be seen from the Bratislava castle.

It is famous for its interesting design and unique UFO like shape, inciting many people to take pictures like this!

In reality, it is a simple car bridge, made for cars to cross over the Danube river. But it is so interesting to look at!

MSP bridge

We had such an enjoyable and memorable day in Bratislava!

There was just enough to see and do in this historic and picturesque town. Although it was a pretty cold day and the skies were gray, walking around the city with a hot coffee or warm wine made the experience that much more special!

Bratislava castle

What do you think? Will you take a day trip to Bratislava?

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9 thoughts on “How to Visit Bratislava, Slovakia in 1 Day

  1. Looks like a beautiful city! I’ve never been too.

  2. Great post sweetie, we are glad to hear you visited our home country as well! Our country is full of rich history, there is so much to see. Safe travels. x x

  3. A beautiful city

  4. We’ve been to Slovakia but not to Bratislava. We love rural Slovakia so maybe this summer we’ll go to the capital. You sound like you enjoyed it!

    1. It was the highlight of our time in Vienna! We enjoyed the small town feel of Bratislava so much more than the bustling city in Vienna. Highly recommend even if it’s just for a day trip.

  5. I loved Bratislava! Very beautiful city!

  6. You haven’t been to Bratislava unless you have said hello to Čumil, that is for sure 😀

    I might be biased as I spent a year and a half in Bratislava before moving back to Sweden, but there are just so much to see that I would never be able to show anyone the city in one day. Old Town would be one day and it is really the most beautiful part. 🙂

    But you have been able to include most of the central sights, I would also include a stop at the presidential palace, the Grassalkovich Palace, it is located within easy reach from the Old Town 🙂

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