La Tonnara di Scopello – Sicily’s Best Getaway

Taking a holiday in Sicily can be a little exhausting.

From battling the winding roads to spending hours in the relentless sun exploring all of the historical sights.

You deserve a day or two (or 7!) of relaxation.

And I have the PERFECT, luxury, getaway for you! Located right here, in Sicily!

La Tonnara di Scopello public beach

If you follow me on Instagram, by now you have seen a few images of this amazingly gorgeous paradise.

This won’t be a long post, but I had to share the beauty that is Scopello and explain a bit about why I believe it is Sicily’s best getaway.

La Tonnara di Scopello views


La Tonnara di Scopello literally translates to ‘Scopello Tuna’ in Italian.

What has been transformed into a luxury boutique hotel today was once a small fishing village, famous for their tuna.

Fishing and selling the tuna that was caught fresh daily was how many people made a decent living. If you visit La Tonnara you can see many of the old tools they used to catch the tuna at the property.


This little cove and its architecture dates back to the 13th century but was won in a public auction in 1874.

You can read more about the history of La Tonnara on their website.

La Tonnara di Scopello views


There isn’t a big square with many shops and restaurants in Scopello, but there is a cute little town that is about a 5-10 minute drive from the boutique.

In the square there are many souvenir shops, a small market with meat, eggs and vegetables, and a few restaurants that serve the typical Italian sea food of Scopello.

Since there are no restaurants or cafes on property, I recommend bringing a cooler with the essentials and taking a trip to town for a nice low-key dinner.

We bought eggs, cheese, and bread at the market. This made for a wonderful breakfast the next morning in our room. And we ate dinner at one of the restaurants in the small town of Scopello.

It was all very relaxing and unlike the typical getaways I’m used to.

La Tonnara di Scopello picturesque


Okay so let me tell you about the rooms!

On site there are only 14 rooms in total. Which is what makes this place so challenging to book – especially in the summer!

But I promise it’s worth the wait.

Each room has a small kitchen, equipped with a stove, oven, full-sized refrigerator, and all of the utensils you will need.

We stayed in a room in the main building. So we had 3 balconies and an ocean-view on all sides.

Some of the rooms available even have multiple rooms inside, so you can go with friends and stay in the same room but still have privacy.

We loved this intimate aspect of the hotel. Only having 14 rooms made it so that we always had access to the amenities and never had to worry about crowds – perfect for traveling post-COVID!

La Tonnara di Scopello picturesque


Throughout the property there are so many quaint little spots that are private for hotel guests only. And perfect for taking the ideal picture!

Since there are only 14 rooms, there are never that many people (or any at all) in the area you want to be in.

Take this little coffee corner for example.

It’s a beautiful place provided by La Tonnara (for guests only) to grab a free espresso and take in the views of the sea.

La Tonnara di Scopello public beach
Public beach


The hotel has everything you need to have a perfect stay. But what stood out to me was how intimate and private I felt as a hotel guest.

Let me show you what I mean.

At the property there is a public beach access. But in order to access this beach it is not so easy.

You must park at the top of a hill and walk down, pay for the chairs provided by La Tonnara, and stay only in the area designated to the public beach.

Contiki Logo

However, because we were guests of the hotel we had access to the private beach. And of course, parking on-site at the property.

The private beach is nestled in between the hotel and a giant rock. It is very private and secluded. I truly think some of the hotel guests didn’t even know about it because we had it all to ourselves most of the time!

Plus, the hotel provides you with free lounge chairs and fun inflatables for you to use.

The best part, if anyone from the public beach or from any of the boats comes swimming over to the private beach – the hotel staff will come and tell them to leave!

It was truly private. Such a dream!

La Tonnara di Scopello sunrise
Sunrise view from our room

How to Book

You can book a stay at La Tonnara by emailing or calling the resort directly. or +39 3888299472

You can also try to reserve a room via Don’t hesitate! With only 14 rooms, they book fast!

Private beach area in La Tonnara di Scopello
Private beach

What do you think? Will you book a stay at this little piece of paradise?

This post includes an affiliate link, which means I may earn a kickback through links clinked. These help me run my blog. All opinions are my own.

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12 thoughts on “La Tonnara di Scopello – Sicily’s Best Getaway

  1. Guess what? I am going to Sicily next week and Tonnara di Scopello is on my itinerary!!! will share my impressions

    1. That’s exciting! I hope you find it just as wonderful and charming as I did ☺️

  2. This looks so pretty! Will definitely add to the wish list 🙂

    1. You won’t regret it ♥️

  3. Looks lovely. I stayed at in Scopello in 2008, which would be an option if La Tonnaro is booked. No private beach, but the beaches in Zingaro National Park were pretty empty.

  4. Sicily is my grandmas favorite place to visit, I can see why! Gorgeous pictures!!

    1. Aw that’s so sweet! Thanks girl! I hope you can visit one day too!

  5. such beautiful pics. Now seeing these pics I need a vacation. Covid alert- stuck to house arrest

    1. haha thank you! I’m sorry to hear about your current situation – hang in there!

      1. The pleasure is mine. Yeah that’s the only option I have left. Good day

  6. Wow! that is a beautiful place. Love the photos!

    1. Thanks Dwight! This is one of the most beautiful places in Sicily in my opinion!

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