Road Trip to Alberobello – Puglia’s most charming town

Alberobello is one of the most historic and picturesque regions of Italy.

With the white, cone-like structures of the Trulli houses that line the streets for miles throughout the Puglia region, visiting this quaint town is a must if you are ever in this region of Italy!

We made Alberobello our first stop on a road trip throughout the Puglia region.

Read on to see how we spent our one night here and what our stay was like in our very own Trullo house!

road trip to Alberobello

Since we were driving from Sicily, we decided to drive the 6 hours to Alberobello the first day and stay the night in one of the famous Trulli houses.

Most people I know who have visited this adorable little town choose to not stay the night. The reason for this is because Alberobello is quite small and there isn’t a vast majority of things to do or places to see.

However, I found one night in this magical little place to be perfect.

Alberobello road trip

Alberobello literally translates to ‘beautiful tree’ in English.

It consists of the commune of Trulli houses that surround the city as well as farm land.

If you take a road trip to Alberobello, make sure you visit the main shopping street as this is where you will find all of the cute souvenir shops and restaurants.

You’ll be able to park just outside the commune and then walk a short distance (maybe 2-5 minutes depending on your parking spot) into the commune.

Alberobello road trip
View from the Belvedere

Alberobello is a town famous for the Trulli houses. These are little, white, cone shaped buildings that dominate the Puglia region.

These structures were originally made as a temporary shelter for farmers to store their equipment.

It is believed that they were built temporarily due to high taxing in this region. The people would build the dry stone buildings in order to easily dismantle them if they needed too. This way they could avoid paying high property taxes.

charming alberobello
Our AirBnB

Where we stayed

We stayed right in the center of it all in this adorable AirBnB.

Our hosts were incredibly accommodating and actually owned a few of the souvenir shops at the beginning of the street.

They treated us to a little limoncello tasting before heading to our room – so delicious!

Our Trullo house had all of the comforts of a hotel, was centrally located, and our hosts brought us an amazing breakfast in the morning!

I would definitely recommend this AirBnB for your stay in Alberobello!

Alberobello road trip
View from the Belvedere

What to see

The view from the Belvedere Santa Lucia is one of the best lookouts in Alberobello.

From here you can see a near aerial view of the Trulli houses! It isn’t very high up, you only need to climb a few stairs to get here.

But in my opinion, the view is spectacular!

Alberobello charming town

Also, make sure you watch the sunset from Apulia Trullo Antichi Sapori.

From the street, this appears to be a simple souvenir shop. But it’s so much more! They have a rooftop terrace that offers a stunning view of Alberobello.

There’s nothing like watching the sun fade against the white washed buildings while standing in the middle of them all!

Alberobello road trip
Sunset view from Trulli Antichi

What to do

Like I mentioned earlier, there isn’t a ton to do in the city of Alberobello itself.

Taking a long walk amongst the Trulli will satisfy your morning or afternoon. There are many different routes and walkways that can be taken, many shops that can be seen, and many cafes and restaurants that you can take a break in.

Alberobello is not very big, taking a stroll through the town could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on how interested you are in the shops and restaurants.

road trip to Alberobello

Shop for typical Trulli products –

Along the main shopping street you will find a wide assortment of shops. Here you will see the typical products of Alberobello such as hand crafted ceramics, woven cloths, or even spices, liquor and dried pasta.

It is fun to walk down the aesthetic streets and look into the shops to see what each of them offer!

road trip to Alberobello

What to eat

Before leaving Alberobello, trying something sweet from Martinucci Labratory is a must!

I recommend looking at their menu and ordering one of their gelato sundaes. I ordered one that consisted of cafe and milk gelato flavors, a shot of espresso and nutella drizzled all around it.

It was just what I needed to cool down on a hot summer afternoon!

If gelato isn’t your thing, they also have cookies, cakes and coffee and other sweet concoctions to satisfy every customer.

Also, a road trip to Alberobello just is not complete without some wine & burrata from Trulli e Puglia Wine Bar!

This bar is underground so I recommend heading here for some reprieve from the heat if you are visiting in the summer months, the AC is so refreshing!

Order whatever wine you’d like but make sure you eat some delicious burrata cheese! Burrata is not only locally produced in the area but also originated here.

Seriously, the burrata in the Puglia region will be the best you’ll ever try!

alberobello road trip

Whether you spend an afternoon in Alberobello or a night or two, this town is adorable, historic and has something for every traveler.

I would definitely recommend making a stop to Alberobello along your Puglia road trip!

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  1. What an interesting place. Love the stone roofs!

    1. It is definitely a unique and interesting place!

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  3. Love it! Have to add this to my bucket list 🙂

    1. Alberobello is a dream! I hope you can visit one day!

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